Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hahahaha... since Malaysia that is! Although I didn't watch qualifying (I was at Sepang for yet another race) and kinda fell asleep halfway through the race (same thing happened last year as well!) but yeah, an interesting race by all means. Vettel lead from pole from start till finish, with both Hamilton and Button not far behind trying to catch up. Sadly for Webber though, his day was not so good...

Having dropped back on the opening lap, had a sloppy pit stop, and got caught in a horrendous accident (which thankfully he managed to escape harmlessly) to end his day was not in the plan at all whatsoever. There were one or two good overtakes (Kobayashi did a splendid job near the end!) but other than that there isn't much to recall for haha. So with Webber not finishing the race, Hamilton is still on top with Button 2nd and Vettel moving up to 3rd place and Webber dropped to 4th.

Next race will be at the newly revamped Silverstone Circuit for the British Grand Prix. Can't wait for that race to start... =D

Vettel wins as Webber escapes huge accident

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