Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yeah, you heard me. It was all Sebastian Vettel's fault for colliding into Mark Webber and cost both himself, his teammate and team very valuable points!!! Oh why the stupidest of things happen? Poor team management? Overambitious? Desperate? I don't know folks, but whatever the reason is it sure did help McLaren savor that sweet 1-2 finish in Istambul with Hamilton clinching his first victory of this season!

Yeah, sure nearly the same thing happened to both him and Button a few laps later but at least they managed to control the situation and with a few talks over the radio they calmed down and kept a good distance from each other until the end lol. But wow, somehow I managed to watch the entire race without my whole house blacking out. (more on that later...) Other than that, yeah. Not much blogging over these past few months huh? With work and a busy life, I'm not surprised at all whatsoever. Maybe I will start blogging more often once I finish my practical or something... hopefully.

Anyhow, you can read the full report of the race here:
McLaren 1-2 in Turkey as Red Bulls collide

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  1. joven says:

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  2. Henry says:

    I'm a big Vettel fan, but I'd have to agree with you. Poor management cost the team

  3. It ruined the race for me.

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