Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh what can I say... working with a workshop which is also a professional race team is kinda tiring and very demanding, but the experience is so totally worth every blood, sweat and tears I shed. (even if that means getting scolded each time I did anything wrongly!) But yeah, this race is my second time for a race weekend (the other one being AFOS of course) and the first time I've been to an endurance race!!!

So erm... what is there to say about this event then? Okay, so first the team I was with was of course G.Harry Racing Team which was running a Honda EK9 (or was it a EJ9?) #30 running in class 2. Not sure what to say about our results during the race though (we were practically nowhere near where the front runners were) but considering that the car was pretty old and gave us a lot of trouble (which we had to work till the late hours to fix!) and still manage to finish the full 9 hour race was remarkable. Finished in 21st place overall (not sure about our class, was probably 15th I think) out of like 50-60+ competitors was ok I guess. Not sure if I want to continue telling my experience here, but at least I manage to do something more than just buying food for everyone lol...

Anyway, if anyone wanted to know who the race winner is you can check the link below:

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