Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wow... can't believe almost 3/4 of the year has already passed by without me noticing. I guess many many things has happened over these past few months I really never had time to reflect upon them. Even during these 3 week semester break I still felt like I was busy with something. But today, on this very Sunday I kinda feel a bit free. A bit too free if I do say so myself...

Not sure if its because its the last day of my 3 week semester break, or that nearly everyone in my neighborhood (or the whole city for that matter!) has "balik kampung" or another way of saying it, going back to their hometown to visit their respective relatives to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr. Also the weather (since yesterday) couldn't be any better, with clear blue skies and sunny daylight shinning just makes the day feel more relaxing. Anyway, maybe I should take my time and enjoy the day by sleeping or lying on the bed thinking about things (which I did a lot today actually!) or spend the day more productively and do something else? Haha... not sure how to enjoy what is left of today though, and I can't believe its all gonna be over soon. With class starting tomorrow, I don't get to go on a holiday with my parents to Singapore or get to enjoy the rest of hari raya. Oh well... this year's raya has been a bit boring to be honest, not sure why though but its just is!

So yeah... just another random thoughts post from me here. Albeit its not as meaningful or as random as people might think, I'm just here trying to speak my mind and saying what I feel like saying. As for this blog though, I'm not sure what I will be doing with it if I'm really honest. Haven't been blogging regularly this year and I'm really starting to lose my mood on blogging nowadays (well not really, but I'm not blogging as much as I used to!) so I guess the blog will still be considered "active" for now. I might start posting more on Tumblr now since I like using that now, haha...

Also just to end this post, I really just wanna say for those who still are reading my blog I just wanna say thank you for taking your time and reading all the bs that I posted up lol. I know there has been many things that has happened to me over the past few months (both good and bad) and that I wished to share it with you all, but as it is I will just keep that all to myself for now. Maybe I will post it all up one day... maybe... just on that one day. Also I do apologize if I promised to write several other posts but kept forgetting, I'm not even sure if I should make it up by writing about it anyhow or just leave it... =P

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