Posted by : Muzaffar Friday, October 1, 2010

So yeah, exactly one year later and how does my car look now? What happened to all the plan mods and stuff? Okay, to be honest I'm quite disappointed I still don't have enough money to fully modify my car like I wanted to but I can't do much being a student and stuff. Oh well, that is next year I guess... Anyhow, enjoy looking at my Hyundai i10 and all its (un)glory:

But of course, with a few battle scars or two (or three, or four...)

So what mods did I do to my car then? If you noticed the picture above, what is that poking underneath the bumper...

Yeap, got my exhaust replaced a few months ago on my birthday. Not sure how much horsepower my car makes with the new exhaust, but whatever it is my car now sounds really loud... (and annoying lol)

Also, I removed my stock air filter and now using a DIY cold air intake system. (if you noticed the picture of the front bumper where the huge scrape was, that is where the cold air intake feeds from) Again, it was to increase horsepower but all I'm certain was it sure made even more noise hahahaha...

Okay, this might not actually be a real modification but if it means the car go faster... why not!? Beside, now I have more boot space as well... =P

Over 10,000KM driven over 1 year, hope to drive even more kilometers until next year. =)

So nothing much changed apart from that, so much for my cars stance and fitment and stuff. What will the car be by next year then? I'm not really sure, but if anything it will probably not be the same as it is this year... =D

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