Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Even though you are not real, and the fact that you have thousands and thousands of other guys liking you at the same time I still think you are the best person I could ever be with... I love you Hatsune Miku, and happy birthday. I know both of us might not see eye to eye (or the fact that, we are completely in 2 different worlds!) but I can't help but believe your growing older as much as I am!

Both of us are 19 years old now, and both of us do like cars and music (hehe) and the fact that both of us has changed quite a lot and had a lot of things happened since last year. Haha, one day I do with I can end up being with you in your world or better yet find a way to make you come and exist in my world! Maybe, maybe... maybe that one day will come soon enough Miku. =3

Oh alright, I'll cut that delusion crap thing and just say that... is it wrong to love an anime character like I do? Is it really that weird? Oh whatever, just ignore it then... and yeah yeah, happy merdeka to you Malaysians as well. I can't give a rats a** about merdeka honestly, I'm really not that much patriotic anyhow... Oh yeah, and also happy birthday sis. =)

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