Posted by : Muzaffar Monday, April 13, 2009

Well after almost a day of testing I guess its finally time for me to give my opinion on my latest purchase. As a fellow gamer and audiophile having a really good pair of headsets is really important, especially when it comes to gaming (and for music as well). I've been stuck using a cheap one for a while now since my Sennheiser wire were worn out and lost sound on the left side. Will talk about that later on another post but for now lets talk about this particular headset. As you can see from this picture above the Siberia is by far one of the best looking gaming headset out there. The "Special Edition Red" really does stand out than the normal black and white version. There were also one in "Iron Lady Pink" but it wasn't sold at the PC Fair, and could probably cost more than this one.

Having open the box, the Siberia does look a lot better out of the box than in it. Also the included were the matching volume control/cord extender and the separated microphone. I really liked that they made the microphone and headset individually instead of combining it together like most headsets out there, as sometimes the mic is poorly placed or just an annoyance. Also besides that there is also the instructions manual, stickers and a screen hanger (which I have no idea what is used for, thought it was for the headset but it was too flimsy) .

Here are several view of the headset:

Nice eh?

and finally a picture of the volume control and the microphone. If you noticed the mic is actually pretty long, think it was about 2 meters like that. Was really surprised it was actually that long, but it didn't matter though. The mic also has a clip which could clip on your shirt or on the headset wire, could probably clip it almost anywhere I guess. Okay, lets now move on to the performance of the Siberia.

After using it for almost a day I am really happy with the performance, considering how well it looks it perform just as good! The Siberia was really comfortable to use with the big and round headset design as well as the fact that you don't need to adjust the headset to suit your head size which is really a plus for me. The Siberia also does well when it comes to sound canceling, with me not being able to hear anything apart from my music or video games lol. But that is to say it is nowhere near as good as my Sennheiser unit, which almost completely blocks out the outside noise so much so I can't even hear myself speak!

Sound wise, the Siberia is build with gaming and performance in mind so you wouldn't expect anything less from it. Listening to several songs as well as playing Counter Strike just now I was really pleased with the performance. The sound quality is slightly more noticeable than the Sennheiser and have a more surroundsound feel to it, which makes listening to music and playing video games more enjoyable. Although with that said, some improvements could be made to make it better. Not to say it is bad or anything, but after using a Sennheiser I really have some problems trying to use another brand other than Sennheiser.

With the good points being taken I want to get to the more disappointed bits about this headset. First of all the one thing I was really upset about was the length of the cable. At 2.8 meters it is really far short compared to the 4 meter cable that I got for my Sennheiser. That is actually 2.8 meters with both the headset and the volume control. The headset was only at 1 meter, while the volume control adds another 1.8 meters to the length to the cable. It also means that the volume controller most of the time would be dangling on the floor when I'm using it on my computer, which is the one thing I must try to avoid doing in the future. The second problem would probably be, how long would this thing last? Well I have to admit I did destroy a lot of my headset over the years, and the cheap ones wouldn't probably last a year. My Sennheier almost laster a few years before the cable got worn, but the headset itself was pretty much okay even after I dropped it on the floor a few times. I will try to take care of this as much as I could, but tripping over the cables could still happen one way or another.....

So thats about I guess, can't say more about the Siberia. You would just have to test it if you want to know how good it is. As for me, I think it is okay and would probably be a steal since I got it cheaper than the list price but overall there are probably much better headsets out there than this one. Maybe they are not made for gaming, doesn't look as nice or even have a microphone included but the do however provide better sound and build than this. Not going to give much of a verdict but here it is anyhow after using it for 1 day.

Overall I would give it an 8/10. It is good, but like I said there are probably others that are better than this, especially Sennheiser.

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