Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well I know this is a little pointless to post here, but it is quite interesting to say the least. The idea is to make a special livery (in this case, an art car of sorts) for the Dunlop sponsored JWM Ferrari F430 GT and the winner will get his/her design to be on the car during the Le Mans 24 Hour race as well as presenting to the world motoring press and the rest is, oh I don't know, self-explained. Just think about it, how cool is it to have a livery that you designed to be raced at Le Mans!!!?

Okay, maybe it does sound like fun but the odds and chances of being a winner (or even a semi-finalists, let along even qualified for the entry) is going to be humongous. Worse still, this is only available in certain parts of Europe (Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, France or Germany) which means people other than those mentioned are not eligible to participate. But who cares though, I will try and do some designs on my own for fun and try posting it here and on deviantART for fun. Who knows, maybe someone will notice it and take my idea and make it his design. Even if the odds of that happening is almost next to infinity, (yeah, that is "if" I actually will do it) it will be surely be something even if it actually happened.... (and by then, I will s**t bricks I tell you....)

So if anyone is interested in just trying it out (or even trying to participate) here is the link to their website:
Dunlop Art Car Competition

There is only like 10 days left to enter, so hurry up and design something if you want to enter!!!

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