Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well apart from drifting in rFactor, I did some photoshop as well as doing some other stuff. Not much else apart from that to say, was thinking of writing some reviews on some albums I downloaded a few days ago before I completely lost my mood to post that here. Oh well...

Still am working on the Dunlop Art Car, as well as planning to do some livery for my drift car in rFactor so I might get my hands full doing things now. Now I got that add up to the list of things I need to do other than college, studying, downloading albums, as well as other things that will come up one way or another. Also in an unrelated news, my good buddy Najib is coming back from national service for a week and have some plans to hang out with him again.

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  1. do you happen to have an RX-7 car in rfactor? not the old ones, the new ones like the FD

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