Posted by : Muzaffar Monday, May 4, 2009

Hehe, just a picture of me sitting in my father's car while waiting in traffic. For those who never seen my face before, here it is I guess. Not what your expecting right? Well anyway, just couldn't believe how long I was stuck in traffic for. I left TOC at around 6pm and arrived home at 7.30pm. WTF!!!!? Never mind that, my father said it sometimes do usually happen around that area and he expects me to see more of this in the coming months.

Well apart for that I really don't have much to say about myself lol. If you want to know about my college life, then you will probably will be bored listening to my stories. Well studying the basics of automotive technology for 2 weeks as well as the theory and practical exam just last week it was pretty okay I guess. Didn't expect to do that well in the exams but so did several of my other friends as well lol. This week my class just started learning about the engine, what type of engine, the combustion process, the parts found in the engine and etc. If I go on about that too much I will probably kill myself right now, hahahahaha.....

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  1. lol...u r one heck of a guy...haha

  2. wa! you're quite different from the last pic you showed me...

  3. ONOKEN FAG says:

    U UGLY.


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