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Well for people who aren't keeping up with the news (or who missed this anyhow) this is definitely something interesting. I know the news has been around for quite a few days, but it doesn't hurt to share the news right? Yeah yeah, in before the overly abused phrase "as old as the internet", "old news is old", "tree'd" or whatever 1337speek or nonsense that is from 4chan. Speaking for 4chan you might me wondering what this has to do with with the picture or the title right?

Well apparently (and no, this is not a joke or anything) the guy in the picture, came in first in TIME 100 "Most Influential Person of 2009" online poll. For those who don't know who that guy is, he is no other than the owner of 4chan, moot! Yeah, not sure what his real name is, but Wikipedia stated that his real name is "Christopher Poole" or whatever it is...

Okay, enough about that for now. The real news is that he didn't won the online poll fair and square it seems. The server was hacked by hackers from 4chan and made an autovote script that would vote for moot to make sure he wins the poll. On top of that, there was even another script that would vote the other people on the list in an arrangement that would spell "marblecake also the game". All in all it was really unbelievable how the whole thing actually started, just because they did it "for the lulz" But after they found out about the hack, TIME did what was right and made the poll null and void and so that is how the TIME 100 list looks as it is now.

Well I really don't know how to explain the entire situation to be honest, so just give yourself a few minutes of your time and read this. I'm sure your time wouldn't go to waste and is really interesting what the guys over at 4chan did just to make this possible....

Inside the precision hack

Via Sankaku Complex and Wakarimasenlol

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