Posted by : Muzaffar Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hahahahahahahaha, yeah yeah I know its old but even after 2 years this was the best meme in recent history! Could have rick rolled people still and would still be awesomely funny if it worked. Since it should be April 1st around the world, there is no excuse not to be pranked now. Besides this today is also my cousins birthday (sorry x wish awal sikit, paham2 lah....) and well just wish he got pranked at school really good lol. Returning to the subject of April fools day, what do you guys think about it now? Even though April fools day would only last a day, some would say it would last a month while a small minority will drag this to several months (which is sad really) so just be prepared if you don't want to be rick rolled, pranked into traps or the usual stuff that you expected to be pranked with, I'm sure will gonna get one sooner or later (but it is just isn't the same like it was at school, hahaha.....)

Well to the readers here who are into this, happy pranking guys/gals! =D

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