Posted by : Muzaffar Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well after downloading this game from a torrent site a few days ago, I finally get to play this game!!!! =D

Not sure if many people know what is Idolm@ster (or Im@s for short) or what kind of game it is, but if you are a fellow otaku or someone who follows the general Japanese anime/gaming scene should know what this game is all about. Anyhow, just started to play this game today and only about a few minutes into the game and got to say the game is quite addictive. I know that there are 3 versions of this game (Missing Moon, Perfect Sun and Wondering Star) and fortunately the torrent has all 3 games in it! Yeah, I choose to play Perfect Sun simply because it has ribbon-chan in it!!!! As for the gaming itself, it is pretty much what you expect from a Japanese visual novel game. Very long scenes where the character talks to you and have Japanese scripts written below (which I can't understand!) and make decisions in the game which would affect the outcome of the game, etc. But the main point of the game is definitely the part where your Idol actually have to perform on stage. Hehe, but I haven't really played long enough so I really don't know how to explain that part. Also the mini games inside were nice as well and I think the replay value of this game is just fantastic.

But only downside is I'm missing out on what they are saying in the game, and I just found out that there are a people who are trying to translate them texts into English (which is always nice) but are only a few % into subbing it. Oh well, at least the gameplay is nice though. Will try to make a video review in a couple of days....

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