Posted by : Muzaffar Friday, April 24, 2009

Its about time for me to get a car, after what it felt like an eternity for me to get my driving license. Bloody hell, what the hell does a guy like me take to get to drive a car around here!!!? Well that aside, I really don't care what car my father is going to buy for me, but would be great if it was a car that I get to modify. So yeah, what do you guys think about the Perodua Myvi?

For me, the car does look a lot better than most of the cheap hatchbacks out there and is quite modifiable thanks to sharing the platform between the Daihatsu Sirion and Toyota Passo so modifying the body is gonna be quite fun. Already had several plans on what to do on the car once I get my hands on it, like converting the body to a Daihatsu or Toyota and replace the suspension as well as changing the wheel and tires. Not sure what kind of look that I'm looking for, but I really am interested on the car to be looking like the kei-VIP cars in Japan. Also I am really not sure if I could afford all these modifications so its all in a pipe dream for me.....

The Myvi is not the only car my father is suggesting on buying, there are several cars that he is looking into right now as well and some of therm were my suggestion. So other than the Myvi, the Proton Saga BLM, Hyundai i10, Suzuki Swift, and probably several others. Doesn't matter what car I will get though, just have to wait and see what my father have to say when he will actually talk about buying the car. (he is still quite pissed about it whenever I ask about it lol)

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  1. kevinlmw says:

    if you are not loaded, best go for BLM or myvi.

    BLm certainly have lot of problem compared to myvi but cheaper and when modified it look great, no kidding... i saw some modify which is look like racing cars and cool looking.

    but then myvi is very comfortable and less problem on acessory

    so it really up to you, but if you are paying yourself please beware the diferent

    myvi around rm500 per month
    BLm around 300-400

  2. Itasha!!! put some pantsu on it!

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