Posted by : Muzaffar Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well ever since my college started last Monday I really haven't have the time to enjoy sitting down in front of the computer and do whatever that I liked to do like last time. Always been busy with homework and assignments and stuff these days...

Not to say I'm REALLY that busy its just that I don't really have the time to loaf around like before. I only have a few hours to sit in front of my computer to read some news and play some games on Facebook and Myspace. As for college, everything seems fine and so far so good I guess. The lecturers are okay and some of my classmates are really friendly and enjoyable to talk and hang out with and also share the same interest with me. (which involves with cars by the way) As far as learning goes I've just started to learn the basics of Automotive which involves the 5S's (don't ask) and also about learning the tools. Also today I've learned about how to use a jack, jackstand and the car lift!

Thats about it from me I guess, not sure when I will get to write about that Orientation Day thought. Hopefully someday.... (or never)

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