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With this it just proves that I'm eligible to drive. Picked up the card earlier today and had to pay the remaining balance for the on the road driving at Gombak with the instructor. (which was about RM60 for the remaining 2 hours) Yeah I know the picture is crappy and all but who gives a s*** about some lame picture!!!

Anyway, about that day when I was at the driving center in Gombak for the JPJ test in started out with all the people taking the test gather at the office at 7.30 am. Then when the van arrives they all drove us to the driving center there and drop us of. Even in the early morning there were probably like over 200 people there who are trying to get their license just like us. Not to say it was bad or anything, but you know things are when there is a lot of people, it was really really slow....

I had to wait like almost 2 hours before it was my turn to take the test, and thankfully enough I did pass section A (which is the slope, parallel parking and 3 point turn test) on the first try! If I didn't pass any of the test I have to pay for another try, which would suck indeed if you have no money like I do. There were people there who passed and failed the same, but got to feel sorry for the people who failed the test as they are the ones who have to pay and retake the test again. When we got to know which group we were in (yeah, they had tagged us with colors and numbers so it would be more "systematic") and I was called something like "hijau 94" (or green 94 in English) to show that I was #94 in the green group. There were like 2 groups there called hijau and kuning (which is green and yellow) and the kuning group were the ones who went first.

When the time I started to do the test I did feel a little nervous about failing the test but I got on with it and try to do my best. Did the slope first and luckily enough I managed to passed it on the first try (they give 2 chances for the slope, you can roll back if you didn't stop in the yellow box) even though on the way down I killed the engine. Then it was time for the parking section and this was the most panicking thing I did. I totally forgot to give them the form (which I have taken from the slope course) and before I started reversing into the parking space I quickly run to the inspector (or whatever it was, forgot the name) for him to mark my performances. So then I got back to the car and did the parking perfectly, and the 3 point turn was a piece of cake!

So after I finish section A I went back to the main building and waited for section B to start, which is the on the road test. After waiting for a few minutes and discussing with the other people there about our results, they announced who was going to go for the test before lunch and ask the people who they did not call up to have a lunch break. As my number wasn't called I went to the canteen and have some refreshments. While during the break it started raining, which could spell disaster for the people doing the test at that time. (like Najib was) After that went back and waited for them to announce when my turn will be and sure enough I was one of the last few people to be called upon. Just waited for like an hour or so and before I knew it they called my number. Luckily enough by the time they called my number it stopped raining.

As I was entering the car I greeted the examiner inside the car and did what was required before starting the journey. (like adjust the seat, check the mirror, wipers, gears, signals, etc.) While during the on the road test I did drive like how I feel was appropriate (I was driving like 40kph) and the examiner ask me "do you know how to drive?" and I was like "WTF!!!? Is he serious" but of course I just calmly replies "Yes, I can drive mister" That seriously pissed me off but I had to stay cool, calm and collected if I want to get through this. So I just drove a little faster at around 50kph. About a 1/4 of the distance of the route there was another person who was doing the test as well driving very slow in front of me and I asked the examiner if I could overtake, he just said "if you can, why not?" At first I was a little hesitant in overtaking and even had to slow down a little to avoid colliding with the car in front, but when the traffic is clear I just hit the gas pedal and overtake the car.

1/2 way though I passed the checkpoint and went back to the driving center and ended the section B test. Awaiting my result I amazingly got 19/20 mark (16/20 being the passing mark) I did a lot better than most of the people there! Haha, it felt great that I passed both sections with flying colors and not repeat the course again. So after that just waited there to get a blue card (not sure what for) and waited for the van to pick us up and send us back to the office. When we arrive at the office it started raining heavily again and I called my father to pick me up at the office. Rishi didn't have anyone to pick him up so I asked my father if we could send him to his house and so we did. After that I just went back home, and well thats about it.

Okay, I have to admit the story here isn't as good as I wanted to write it on that very day and there are a few things that I wanted to explain here that I somehow just can't remember at the moment. Onto the next chapter!!!

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