Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just want to keep it short, but here is my results for my SPM:

  • Bahasa Melayu: 6C
  • Bahasa Ingerris: 2A
  • Pendidikan Islam: 6C
  • Sejarah: 8E
  • Mathematics: 1A
  • Science: 1A
  • Additional Mathematics: 7D
  • Prinsip Akauns: 4B
  • Ekonomi Asas: 6C

Well that is my result with me not studying even half of those subjects! So I got to say I was surprised that I did it this well without even trying a 100% lol. But I don't care about the result, even if I have gotten all A's or fail all the subjects it still doesn't change the way I think about myself. With this over now I can feel a little better about myself and try to find any colleges or whatnot on automotive, either this or I get myself to work full time at some workshop for experience. Either way, I'm only interested in automotive and nothing else and no one is going to change my mind on that!

Okay...... onto the part about today. Today started out really badly (I guess) when I woke up at 10am today with only about 4 hours of sleep, slept at 6am since I stayed up all night to watch football. It was the UEFA Champions League last 16 knock-out match between Manchester United and Inter Milan. They both draw 0-0 when they played at San Siro, but Man Utd. managed to pull off a 2-0 win against Inter at Old Tradford. Enough about football though, need to tell about the rest of the day. So like, woke up at 10am, bath, dress up and straight went to school. Met some of my other school friends there, chat around and waited till the teachers could give us the results. While getting the results I also got the Sinar Jaya book as well as some certificate that I couldn't care less about.

After I got the result I went back home and open my computer for awhile and have a drink. (I didn't eat breakfast yet at that time) Called up my friends again about the plan for the day, and we all decided to hang out at Sunway Pyramid. Then Kamal came to my house to pick me up in his dad's Proton Waja. Even though he had his license he was still worried about driving the car, it was an Automatic as well! But I can't blame him though, almost everyone will feel like that sometimes yeah? So he drove us to Sunway Pyramid and parked at the basement carpark, and even that he was a little slow at parking..... *facepalm*

After he parked the car, we all started to walk about the place and find some shops to enter. The first thing we did was we went to the cinema to check what show we would watch, and all of us decided to watch "Watchmen" instead of Dragonball. Kamal wanted to find some shirts to buy, so we looked around first before he decided to buy the shirt. Then he noticed he didn't have enough money we all had to walk to the ATM machine and wait for him to withdraw some cash and head back to the shop to buy his clothes. After that we all tried searching to find a place to eat. In the end we all went to eat at Wendy's and ordered our food. I had a 1/2 pounder with cheese and got to say, it was tasty. Not exactly as good as McDonalds or Burger King and the price was also a bit much for the set. (RM16+ for a medium set meal, and the burger size in not even like a BK Whopper!!!) I didn't care though and just enjoyed a meal with my friends there.

After we ate we walked around some more, entered some shops (and Kamal tried to register a Maybank2U services but had trouble registering, so he had to do it some other time) before we went into a bookstore to find some books to read. Wasting an hour or so there it was about half an hour before the show starts and we went to the arcade to play some games. But then suddenly Kamal realized that he misplaced the tickets and we had to search for the tickets. So like, we went back to Wendy's to check if the tickets were there and luckily enough the manager kept the tickets there! So we got back the tickets and went back to the arcade, but none of us felt like playing and just watched the other people there playing instead.

About 15 minutes or so before the show starts, we all decided to buy some popcorn and drinks before entering the theater. Entered the theater, get into our seats and wait for the show to start and when the show did start we were all already munching down our popcorns and drinking our Coca-Cola. After the movie ended we left the theater and went straight back to the parking lot. Kamal was kind enough to send us home and well, drove us back home lol.

So well thats about it about today, a very exciting and memorable day I'd say. Not sure which is more memorable though, getting the SPM result or watching Watchmen? Doesn't matter though, at least I enjoyed the day very much and don't have to feel worried, depressed or whatever negativity I've had during these past few days totally forgotten.

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  1. Hangmen says:

    Congrats on your SPM result. I got 2A for BM, 1A for English, 1A for English for Science and Technology, and 5C for History. The rest is a mix of 7Ds, 8Es and one 9G. You did better than me. Your result is more of a still-running old train than a near-trainwreck like mine. At least your future prospect is brighter.

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