Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, March 5, 2009

What can only be described as on of the most difficult games there is out there ever, I don't really know who in their right mind could play this game without going crazy. But I did find a few videos of people who still play this game and there was one guy who actually finished this game in HARD mode! Trust me, this game is pretty much only for the real true hardcore gamers, and I think even they would have a hard time playing this game on medium difficulty. How hard can it be you ask? Just watch the Youtube playlist below and you will find out what a living hell this game will do to you if you ever considered playing it, and if you do decide to play this game there is a link to IWBTG site where you can download either the demo or the full game for free:

Wikipedia of the game
IWBTG site (and where you can download the game)
Cloud8745 plays IWBTG (got to give credit to him for finishing the game on hard difficulty)

Oh yeah, besides the game being very difficult the game has many glitches as well (cause the game is still in development) and I didn't bother playing this game at all after seeing people going berserk playing it...

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