Posted by : Muzaffar Monday, March 9, 2009

Just completed my final driving training today, and got to say I feel quite relieved that I could finally be able to drive properly (and not just in a video game or arcade) and finish this goddamn license! Even though I woke up late and arrive at the office quite late, (I was supposed to be there at 7, but I got there at around 7.15-7.20 like that) everything went smoothly. I was there with Rishi and the instructor and had a great time learning and understanding the whole procedure about driving. Rishi did most of the driving (from Subang Jaya to Gombak, and even drove us back to Subang Jaya in the rain without breaking a sweat!) but when we were at the driving center I did get to drive as well.

The place was quite far from the city and was almost completely a rural area, exactly like what you expect when you "balik kampung" kind of scenery. I always thought that we were gonna drive at Batu Caves but a last minute change means that we had to go a bit further to Gombak to do our final driving test there. The Driving Center itself was, well as you would expect from a rural area, was quite poor with the parking place being on a slope (so everyone had to be careful when to release the brake and stuff) and the entire place was so...... you know how it goes with these kind of places. But it was definitely better than the temporary driving course set up near Kelana Jaya, that place was just plain awful. Rishi did all of the basic tests first (parallel parking, 3-point turn and driving up a slope) before it was my turn to do it. Rishi did everything exceptionally well, but I had struggle to get used to the old Perodua Kancil at first, but after a few minutes got used to it and did some of the courses quite okay. Did struggle on the slopes cause of the clutch and pedal feeling so f**king soft, I couldn't get to grip with it at those first few tries but got the hand of it later and manage to do all of the courses without a hitch.

So after we finish the course we parked the car and headed to the canteen to have a drink and chat or to. After that we got back to the car and prepare for the on the road test, which was so easy to drive! Never mind the bumpy road and cautions, the route itself was pretty simple and I don't even have to stop for the traffic light. It was just a winding rural road (about 2-3km I think) and just do a U-turn somewhere near some restaurant and drive back to the center, plain and simple. Rishi drove about 2 times round and then it was me who drove about 2 times as well. Even though he did drive a little faster and better than me, it didn't phase me at all since he did drive a car before this.... (lucky b*****d!) Then before we headed home the instructor told me to try the slope again, and I went for it and got it right the first time. After that I got out of the driver's seat and let Rishi drove us back to Subang.

After Rishi drove back to his house I took over the wheel and drove back to my place and end the lesson at around 12pm. An extra hour more than what was instructed, but the instructor was really kind and helpful to us all and spend that extra hour with us free of charge. But yeah, I feel quite satisfied about myself today with being that much closer of fulfilling one of my wishes and I don't intend to fail the exam when that day comes! All I have to do now is just focus on the task ahead and everything should work out as planned. But I got to say, I'm actually a little behind time compared to Rishi and Najib (both of them already did the 9 hour drive plus the drive at the driving center, while I only did 6 hours of driving plus this) but I'm still keen on getting it done soon. Heh, so I guess all those times playing Gran Turismo 4 with my G25 kinda paid of eh? Well never mind, at least I typed everything that I could think of right now about today and really am happy that I get to share my thoughts with everyone who are reading this....

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