Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ah yeah, finally got the time to write up about this album. Didn't really talked much about the musics that I have been listening to and think my taste in music has totally changed in the past few years. I do still love the emo/screamo bands out there as much as my love for anything J-Core or whatever you want to call it. My J-Core collection is currently stands at about 1000+ or so songs, so that must be an achievement in itself!

Well about the 108 Sketches album, it is actually 2 different artists (t+pazolite & RoughSketch) with 2 totally different style combining together their effort and made something totally different than anything they would ever made on their own record label. Like one person has said, "Cutie and headshaking sounds met a redneck and decided they would make music together. This is the result." Yeah, totally stole the words right out of my mouth....

All the tracks are mostly done by either t+pazolite and/or RoughSketch, and almost instantly you could recognize the difference in style between their songs. t+paz has always been known to make happy hardcore tracks on his C.H.S label but also has proven he could do hardcore tracks on Hardcore Tano*C as well, and RoughSketch is just plain simple hardcore. One of the best tracks on the album I've heard so far is "t+pazolite vs RoughSketch - Bloody Serenade" and I got to say it was just awesome. Maybe not to everyone but it was quite a good track I would say. You can try to listen to the song below:

I have always been a fan of t+pazolite and this album is definitely one of his better works in a while. Not to say his other albums are not good, but if I have to put up and listen to touhou music with girls singing in a squeaky voice I would probably throw up!!! Just kidding, it doesn't really matter what he does to his songs I think I do like them however it was made. So yeah, don't think this is much of a review or anything, just thought I would talk a little about this album and kinda spread the word. Hopefully when the Crimson Hardcore album does get released I will get to write about that album as well. REDALiCE is nothing short of amazing and is the mastermind behind the Hardcore Tano*C circle and would be great to hear all the effort he put into his songs as well as remixes of his well known songs on HT*C.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi i have 7000 j-core mp3s so keep trying

  2. A Nononymous Jill. says:

    Hi, I'm an "anonymous" user trying to 1-up someone on their own blog. Too bad I'm a complete loser who collects several thousand tracks just to rub it in someone else's face in their space.

    By the way, you probably don't seriously have that many tracks on your drive.

    (Congrats on your 1000+ J-Core tracks, Muz. I have like, 3. Hah.)

  3. Hi, I was just googling for information on the 108 Sketches album because I found tracks from it on YouTube. Thanks for the info!

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