Posted by : Muzaffar Friday, January 8, 2010

Which is nothing much really, haha. Well yeah, why do I post this here then? No reason, just so I could post something here, that is all.

Okay, so its a LG Internal/GH22 DVD Driver/Burner, an iCute sleeve bearing cooling fan and a "anti-static" wrist strap. Got myself another driver cause the current one I'm using is crap. Disc tray would not open normally (had to use the pin to force open it all the time!), could not detect black CD's or DVD's most of the time (which makes burning a hassle) and can't read some CD's and DVD's properly. Then the cooling fan had to be replaced cause my other one was broken (bearing was worn and made a really loud noise) and I've been using this PC for many months with just 1 fan lol! The wrist strap is just so I could work on my PC and not have a static shock while working on it, even though I do have no idea what static actually does to the PC...

... and some pics of the insides of my PC, and a pic of the cooling fan.

sadly I didn't get to replace the DVD driver since the one I bought used SATA/ATA cables which I don't have. Oh well, gonna go buy it tomorrow then.

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