Posted by : Muzaffar Monday, December 15, 2008

Having a big interest in music I do always have a knack for finding the most unique and unheard of bands which are popular elsewhere, hell some of them are not even known by the music scene and yet their music is like nothing else on the radio. The independent (indie) music scene is big out there and you'll almost always see some unknown band rise into stardom, but the true indie bands out there would not care if they become famous or not or even fade into obscurity. Their music will always leave a mark one way or another.

As I think some of you may/may not know, I was a really big indie rock/emo/screamo fan and would try to introduce bands that no one ever heard of to my friends and kinda see if they liked it or not. Well yesterday morning I was surfing around looking for some albums to download and would usually do a quick search using google blog and see what albums are available to download. I was looking for Chronic Future's first self-titled album on the internet and never found it. But then I just randomly searched for Maxeen's second album titled "Hello Echo" and I got a hit on this site. I entered the site called, but it seemed to be an invite only site and (at that time) there was no way I could get into the site. Looking for answers, I managed to stumbled upon this one site which were discussing about and tried my luck to get an invite. Sure enough there was this one person accepting request for invite and all my hope was on that one person....

He left his email there for people to contact him, and I did send him the message for an invite both straight to his email address and on that forum. But things started to take a twist and all my hope evaporated into thin air. I waited for hours for him to reply back to me, and what was worse is that I got banned from that site for "requesting" an invite. How bad can my luck be!? Looking for alternatives I did manage another way to get that album (albeit it was hell of a lot frustrating) and just accepted it as it is. While I was downloading each song one by one from this site called using some software called freezer, I suddenly realized I got an email. When I clicked to check who was it from, I had my prayers answered. I was just, at that moment, gasp in disbelief that I managed to join that site and download the album in all its quality.......
Note: Don't bother asking me an invite from that site as I probably can't.....

Okay, fair enough. I finally get to complete my Maxeen album collection for my iPod as well as discovering many bands on that site I never ever heard of and yet are well known in that community. I gave a listen to a few of those bands and I'm hooked back into emo/screamo music. Yeah, I don't have that J-Rock bug I had a few months ago and now will looking back into these awesome and emotional songs. Of all the bands I got to know, these were the ones that I actually liked and downloaded their songs from that site:
Raein (a Italian screamo band)

Love Lost But Not Forgotten (a screamo band from St. Peters, Missouri but are no longer active)

Saetia (a New York City-based screamo band, disbanded in 1999)

House Vs. Hurricane(a a Progressive Post-Hardcore band from Melbourne)

So if anyone is interested in listening to them I do recommend you to cause their music is just totally different than what you would usually listen on the radio, and its just something about those bands that makes me want to listen to them a lot, whether its their certain style of play, the reputations they have build throughout the years or just me being a music person. Doesn't matter, at least there is now another person interested in them.......

I'm not sure if I could make a short post about each of those bands and why they are different (I only discovered them this morning) but if anyone wants me to I will try my best to describe them in my own words. =D

Oh, here are their myspace links if you want to give them a listen:
Love Lost But Not Forgotten
House Vs. Hurricane

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