Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well yeah, can't believe this is the second time I went to the pc fair in 4 months (the last time I went there was in August, as the post in this blog shows....) got to say it felt more tiring than last time (although we did spend time there a little less) but yeah, I think this was the most wallet breaking thing I have ever done in my life (not exactly really, more on that below....)

Started out the day with meeting Najib at his house at 12pm and his mother send us to the Putra station in Kelana Jaya, where we waited for Kamal to arrive before we bought our tickets and headed towards KLCC. Then it started to drizzle when we were halfway there and when we finally got there and wanted to walk to the convention centre in started to rain heavily. Luckily I remembered the underpass which we could walk trough without getting wet, albeit it was a slightly longer route than what was the usual way and definitely had a huge crowd like it was last time. Anyhow, got to the convention centre without getting wet and went through all the halls.....

Did a few stops here and there to check out some items, and well finally stopped at the Razer booth and admire all the great looking mouse there. Was sad that the mouse that I wanted to buy wasn't available (the A4Tech X7 X-750BF gaming mouse) and there wasn't a single damn booth that sold internal hard drives (they heavily promoted their external hard drives there, but no internal hard drives for sale. WTF!?) and in the end, I got myself this:

All got to say is, I can't f***ing believe I actually bought these stuff for cheap!!!! Yeah, that is about it I guess. Will post the "unboxing" video of the mouse later as well as a layout change for this blog. =P

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