Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As promised earlier, here is what my new computer is running now:

A closer look at the motherboard and processor:

Yeah, still using AMD processor as last time, but this is the more hardcore "Athlon X2" processor... (dual processors FTW!!!!)

And here is my new 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue internal hard drive:

Yeah, now I can fit more s*** inside my computer hahahahaha.....

Oh, and here is how that Razer Boomslang looks like in the dark:

Thought the Razer logo would illuminate like the other Razer mouse, but I guess not. =P

If anyone is interested in my PC spec, have a look here:

Yeah, not exactly a gaming PC per se, but at least it gets the job done really well. Unlike my fathers laptop that was really f***ing slow, this computer could multi task really well without the PC freezing up. Well, not yet at least..... =S So hope you enjoyed (or envy) my new computer, hahaha......

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