Posted by : Muzaffar Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well, after what seemed like ages ago (about September this year) my PC was dead and I was stuck using my fathers laptop for 3 month...... until today! A few weeks ago my brother-in-law decided that he would take the PC to the shop at Lawyat there to get it fixed at one of my late uncles friends shop. Well after discussing with my brother-in-law and my father about the budget for the repair and it was decided that my father would be spending less than RM1000 on the repair/upgrade. The thing was, at first I thought it was the graphics card that failed, after getting it checked it seems that the motherboard just fried itself and spoiled along with the processor. Not sure what was the main cause for the failure, but my guess was that the processor got clogged up with dusts and overheats itself and just self destructed.

I would like to continue more on this tomorrow as I want to enjoy every second of my PC again, as well as updating my iPod and stuff. More things to talked about later, as well as a few pics I snapped with my fathers camera phone. =D

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