Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, May 24, 2009

Isn't it getting boring that Button won 5 out of 6 races so far this year? As some might have said he is being like Michael Schumacher and stuff, but who cares anyhow. If Michael did dominate all the races when he was still in F1 a few years ago doesn't mean Button cannot do the same can he? Other than the Brawn 1-2 yet again this year, it is quite good that Ferrari has finally got their act together and start being back at the front again after a dismal start to the year...

Likewise it was probably a weekend for to forget for McLaren, as well as a disappointing race for Toyota and BMW as they were the ones who struggled throughout the weekend and being outpaced by the lesser teams such as Toro Rosso and Force India. Don't think I have to say much about the race, the entire race has probably been about Brawn vs. Ferrari battling it out at the front, when it looked like the Ferrari has an advantage over the Brawn as they were caught struggling with the super soft tires. But somehow Ferrari was just wasn't as good as the Brawn GP near the end. Another interesting note was also that Force India could've gotten their first championship point if any of the top 8 would slip up near the end. A good performance by Fisichella for the Force India team finishing in 9th, hope to see them improve a lot in the next few races. It wouldn't take them long to start scoring in the points more regularly....

Onto the next race which at Istanbul, it will be interesting how all the teams are gonna perform there. Like Barcelona before this, Istanbul is a circuit which requires good downforce as well as good mechanical grip so teams like McLaren and BMW may struggle here just as much as they did in Barcelona. It is also a track which would benefit from KERS, so Ferrari are looking good at having a crack at winning here and probably bring the fight to Brawn GP if things looks as good as it is now.

As always, the full race report can be found at GP Update:
Button wins on streets of Monaco

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