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Yes! I finally got this album after hearing about it about a week ago or so. It almost feels so long ago since Hardcore Tano*C released their album "Hardcore Syndrome 2" back in December 2008. Guess that is how you feel when your totally addicted to something huh? Could say that this is more addictive than drugs, cigarettes or alcohol that ever existed on earth, hahahahahaha....

Well after hearing the entire album I do have to say, although it wasn't the best Hardcore Tano*C album I've heard out of all the other albums that I have (which is all of them!) but none the less it was a good effort by REDALiCE to try and release the album. Although I haven't listened to his other works that was released on ALiCE'S EMOTiON just yet, he did have a few good songs which he released on Hardcore Tano*C under the alias 赤いひと (Akai Hito) which were "Presonus", "Gabba Tano*C" and "Psychedelic Syndrome". All of which were included in this album.

The album consists of some of his old songs from the previous Tano*C albums as well as several new songs and remixes done by him and the Tano*C crew. His new songs aren't exactly something to remember, but the remixes almost blew me away. Funny thing is, the remixes done by the other members of the circle were way better than his remixes or even his original songs lol! After hearing people talking about how awesome Betwixt & Between's remix of Warp Attacker I just had to give it a listen to and it just blew my mind away..... But the only remix that I was looking forward to was kenta-v.ez.'s remix of Gabba Tano*C, which didn't disappoint me at all. Maybe some people will hate me for saying this but that track was probably one of the best songs in the album. There were also several remixes of REDALiCE's other tracks done by Thanatos, 源屋 (Minamoto) and USAO which were quite good as well.

As for the other tracks, meh just forget about it. Its as good as what REDALiCE could produce, so no complaints from me here. If you are interested here is a preview of his album that was uploaded a couple of weeks ago. (sorry if I didn't post it here, totally forgotten about it)

REDALiCE - Crimson Hardcore

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    Reminds me of walking through Sungei Wang Plaza. lol.

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