Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, May 28, 2009

The photo says it all, what a wasted effort by Manchester United. Did so much just to get into the UEFA Champions League finals only to lose to Barcelona 2-0. I mean, what the hell happened!? They have the best players out there with probably one of the best line ups (compared to Barca) and just needed to play like they usually do. If only things were that simple...

Well I don't really know what went wrong for them but I just feel sorry for them. Maybe its because they weren't wearing their usual "red devils" home jersey, or probably because they have so many games to play (think it was about 66 fixtures including this) compared to Barca or maybe because of sheer bad lack. Whatever it is, a lost is a lost and nothing could cover up the sad truth. Not to say they were really bad or anything, Man Utd were the ones who went all "gung ho" in the first 10 minutes into the game and were pretty much on top of the game. Then suddenly a counter attack by Barca caught them off guard and even capitalize on Man Utd's weak defence and scored the first goal. For a team that is to be said "the best in England" were just not playing like it is! Ferdinand, Vidic, best defender of this year? Yeah right, think they are just way over rated by the way they played yesterday.

Don't think I have to say much other than that, the rest is self explanatory. I'm sorry for all the Man Utd fans out there having the dream of a treble (or even the elusive quadruple) slipped from their reach but things happened you know. As for fans of Barca I think this would definitely be a moment to celebrate as they manage to do what Man Utd did almost 10 years back and won the treble, (a first for a Spanish club at that!) as well as doing that all with Josep Guardiola, who made a big impact for Barcelona that no other manager has before this.

Yeah yeah, that is all people. Now I've got other things to write about. d=_=b
Stylish Barcelona take United's crown

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