Posted by : Muzaffar Friday, May 29, 2009

Well this is what I've been working on over the past 2 weeks at TOC:

Not exactly as good as what my other classmates have done, but I guess it is the effort that counts. I did just enough to get this done, don't think I could make any more effort on making it look better. Maybe I could, but you know me.....

Haha, that aside I'm just glad that I finally got a one week break from college starting from today. Now I could probably enjoy myself a little more and take a breather. Tomorrow I will be going to Penang again with my parents, so I'll probably won't be going online or do my usual activities as such. Who knows really, if I'm lucky the hotel that I'm staying has a computer room I could go online for a while and just surf around and probably go online on MSN or something. Not sure what I will be doing there, maybe like the usual like shopping, eating and go around town like that. Don't know what events are being held over at Penang right now (heard there are several things being held over there this weekend on the radio) but if there is really nothing there...... oh why the hell would I care anyways?

Thats about it from me I guess, will try to post some pictures when I get back. =P

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  1. so fast karat...mine still going shiny...haha

  2. ONOKEN FAG says:


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