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Well finally found some time to actually post this, was getting a little worried that I haven't replied to my other post yesterday as promised. Oh well here is my review for it anyway. For people who are new to these figures, Figma is like a sort of "action figures" that is made by company Max Factory. (also which is under the Good Smile Company) Got to say I'm really happy I finally got this since I was searching this almost everywhere for months without finding any! There were other figma which are better and cheaper than this one, but I just got to have this one!

First I apologize if the photo is a little bit blurry and just poor quality. I'm just using an outdated 4mp digital camera that just a piece of s***. Remind me to get a proper digital camera in the future.... Okay now, to start off the review here are just some photos of the box casing for no apparent reason lol. As you can see, everything is written in Japanese (because the company is based in Japan) and well, it was imported from Japan so its probably a no brainer there.

Here is how it looks when I took it out of the box.

Doesn't Miku look lovely? =3

and here is how everything looks like when I took it out of the plastic case.

The figma set comes standard with the figure itself (duh!), the figma stand, an alternate face (which can be exchanged with any other figma IIRC), the hands as well as the special figma plastic bag. This particular on has an extra accessories such as the microphone and microphone stand, a leek and another extra leek. (you will find out later why there is an extra)

Tried playing with it for a little while before this and got to say the figure was really good. Like most other action figures the joints can be made to shape and pose in many different ways. However the figma is probable the one which can be made to pose in precise detail! (well, to me anyways) The head, arms, hands, legs, thighs, and feet can be made to post in a certain position but the only thing it was lacking that I found out later was that I can't make Miku sit! Apparently the legs can only be bent after a certain degrees and after that just cannot be made to bent any further. Also the fact is I was really scared if I break poor Miku after I bought so much for it, meh I guess my feelings got the better of me. =(

Well as for the figure itself I think like many other reviewers already before me I think the sculpture is pretty much spot on as how Hatsune Miku would look like if she was in real life. The way they kept some of the joints hidden (especially the face) is pretty remarkable considering that its pretty small. (about 15cm) Sad thing I found out was her hair was pretty much looks like plastic. I mean seriously, I know its made out of plastic and all but they could have at least put more effort on the hair you know. Also because of how the characters hair was designed it was also a little bit difficult on finding the balance of the figure and also trying to make some post to work with such hair as that.

So I don't think I need to get into any more details about the figure, as I'm sure there are hundreds of reviews out there on this very figure in both written and video reviews. If you want to know more about the figure or want an in-depth review just try searching for them on Google. =)

To end my post here I will just post some of the pictures that I took when I was playing around with it. XD

So does that mean this is the start of my figure collecting days? As far as I'm concerned I really hope this doesn't make me become an otaku addict and start collecting figures just for the sake of collecting it. Already thought about getting another figma now, and it will be just as good (probably better, oh f*** no...) as my Hatsune Miku figma...
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