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So errr..... the Comiket (or Comic Market) is upon us yet again for what is like one of the most chaotic otaku convention in the world!!! Also known as the "winter comiket" for obvious reasons, there will be as usual a wide array of merchandise from doujin manga, music, and well, many other stuff I guess lol. But just like my previous Comiket post, I'll just be covering the music part of the event mostly being albums which I'm looking forward to being released. =)

Note: Some of the albums have little information on them, so I'll try to update this posts if any new info gets through.

[TCPLUS-0005] HARDCORE TANO*C - Speed Ball Z
Should be something similar to SpeedBall if the title is anything to go by. Quite liked that album a lot, as almost all the songs are high bpm and tempo. J-speedocre at its best!

[MSTBL0020] Mob Squad Tokyo Black Label – J-Core Masterz Vol. 6
A continuation of the J-Core Masterz series of albums. Pretty self explanatory there...

[MSTBL0019] Mob Squad Tokyo Black Label – Fuck DJ Paper Chaos EP
After the fiasco that happened on J-Core Masterz Vol.5 regarding DJ Paper Chaos, the Mob Squad Crew thought it was a great idea to make songs based on him, and so the EP was born. Not so sure what the songs will be about, but one things for sure, its all gonna be about DJ Paper Chaos! F*** DJ PAPER CHAOS!!!! (in a certain Argentinian accent lol)

[MPTCD010] MPT – Bastard Pop Terrorists Vol.10
Same with J-Core Masterz, this is another series of the Bastard Pop Terrorists albums. A welcome surprise is Shingo DJ will make his first appearance on this album, as well as a certain new artist (well not really new if you know who it was) named SMASHCORE making a debut in the album. Should be something worthwhile listening to both of them...

Oh.... my..... gawd!!!! A DJ A.Q. compilation!!!? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...... I'm just lost for words, thoughts and whatnot lol. I just love Aura Qualic, such a talented artist and also a all around good person. If I could get my hands on this, I would buy it without thinking twice!!!

[SHOT-002] Shot Music – FORTUNE ARTERIAL-Omnibus Edit-『P-O-P』
After listening to Shot Music's first release, Super Shot, I thought this was worth a mentioned. As the title suggest, it will mostly be a Fortune Arterial arranged album so I do not know much how the album is gonna be like. Hopefully it will be good lol...

[SRPC-0025] SharpnelSound Collection -弐-
DJ Sharpnel's compilation of songs. *yawn*

[AECD-020] ALiCE'S EMOTiON – Sphere Calibar
REDLiCE? Touhou remixes? You bet!

[CHS-0006] t+pazolite – Gotta Maze 2
If you love t+pazolite, then you will love this. No happy hardcore or Touhou stuff here, its all t+paz speedstyle!!! Definitely worth the wait IMO...

[IBCD-0011] VA – Hydrangea
Another Touhou album, but doesn't suck as much as REDALiCE's though haha. Tsukasa has always made good music, doesn't matter if he mostly does release Touhou arranged albums. I just liked listening to his albums haha...

[TDCD001] Betwixt & Between – Pure Existence
OMG B&B has made an album? Haha this is just gonna be epic. If anyone has listened to his songs (especially when he was with Hase on Khaotic Dimention) you would just be blown away by his songs. Its not your average J-Core song either.... sadly though, there is not much information on the album or what songs might appear on the album. Just listen to the demo on the link if you want to know how epic this album will be...

Well I do apologize if the post seems a little long and random or that I missed several other key releases here, but being very tired and trying to type in the middle of the night doesn't help me out much either haha. If anything, just click the link below for more key releases coming from C77:

Thats about it from me for now, will try to update the list again if there is any new info. (well, that is if I could remember that is haha!)

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