Posted by : Muzaffar Saturday, January 2, 2010

Well I know I should have posted this weeks ago but I totally forgot about it!!! Seriously, I only remembered about this just yesterday lol. Anyway, the first part of the OHR3 has been played earlier today and boy was it just....... EPIC!!! If you people never knew about OHR then your missing quite a lot on this.

I know I'm not gonna spoil much about today's set, but I just have to say USAO and Shingo DJ just killed it honestly. Not to say the other DJ's are not that good or anything (in fact I think all the sets were awesome, except DJ The Charms' set cause he talks too much hahahaha.....) but its just with the 2 well established J-Core artists doing their thing, you know you are in for something special. If you did miss out on today's set, be sure to check the OHR site (link below) for the set downloads of some of the DJ playing today. I'm sure most of them will upload them soon enough.....

Anyhow, there is gonna be another day of OHR tomorrow so if you missed the one today then try not to miss tomorrow's set. M-Project will be playing tomorrow as well as DJ Rhythmics, Round Wave Crusher and several others so do go to their site and support the event. Its free and anyone can join in the chat while listening to the set playing.

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