Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meh, I was expecting Vettel to finish the race on top after seeing how well he was in qualifying, but near the end some mechanical problem on his car forced him to let both Ferraris through as well as Lewis Hamilton into 3rd position so it must be sad to see his win slipped away like that. Oh well, at least he didn't retire out of the race like he did last year! However, it must be a good feeling for Alonso to finally stepped on top of the podium in scarlet red...

Okay, race results aside I think Ferrari has definitely gone back to their winning ways with achieving the 1-2 result in Bahrain as the other teams finished failed to match the performance of the Ferrari today. Ferrari managed to get the maximum points of 43 points (25 for Alonso and 18 for Massa) with the nearest being McLaren with 21 points. With the new point scoring system this could very well mean that whichever team has the most consistent finishes will have a better likely chance of clinching the title as compared to last year.

As for the new teams entering F1, the only team that managed to finish the race was Lotus F1 Racing with Kovalainen finishing in 15th and Trulli finishing in 17th and last place. Although they aren't near the pace as the more experienced team they did fairly well compared to the other new teams such as Virgin Racing and HRT retiring not even halfway through the race. But of course all of this are to be expected coming from the new team with little to no time to develop their cars compared to the other teams. Hope that all the new teams will get better as the season progress.

2 weeks from now will be the Australian grand prix in Albert Park, Melbourne for the 2nd round of the 2010 Formula 1 championship. Who will be on top by then? Who would have made major improvements on their cars? Will there be anything happening in the next 2 weeks? Who knows, we all just have to wait and find out... =)

Alonso leads Ferrari 1-2 in Bahrain

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