Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well, just to summarize my day I will post it in bullet form (or something like that) and explain what a tiring day I just had.....

+Woke up at 8 a.m. after I slept at 2 a.m. when I was online the whole night doing "something".....
+ Bathe, getting ready and have breakfast all before 9 a.m.
+ Called up friend at 9 a.m. and ask whether he was at school or not. He replied saying he just woke up from bed, and went back to sleep...
+ Played my PS2/PSP until it was 10.30 a.m. while waiting for my friends to arrive.
+ Went to school together to send back the form 5 books we "borrowed" for this year. In return we got our certificate and that was about it. Was good to meet some of our classmates and teachers there after what was like such a long and exhaustive SPM examination...
+ After that, I went back home to keep my certificate in my folder, and changed my slippers for some Converse shoes... =P
+ Met at "padang asam" and talked for a bit before heading to SS15
+ We stopped to eat rojak and have some drinks while it was about 12 p.m.
+ Gerak to JS Internet Cafe and enjoyed playing some games. Most notable events were
*Played Counter Strike and had an awful time keeping up (lol, I had the most death in the game) Also managed to knife one of my "pro" friends while we were playing.... =D
*Then we moved on to play FIFA09, and made a big fuss about the game. We were shouting left right and center as if we were in a real game or as my friend put in another way, "like playing WCG" lol. The results were pretty bad I could say (out of all the 3 games we played, my team lost all 3 games. The last game gave quite a good fight, if only he hadn't scored that own goal...... =.=' ) but yeah, we had quite a good fun.
+ After we played for about 3 hours (from about 12 something to 3) we paid for the hours we played and walked to Subang Parade to have lunch
+ Ate at KFC (yum) and one of my friends had a call about going to Sunway Pyramid but after we ate, they had a changed of plans... (too bad though, my friend wanted to put some new games on his PSP. All that effort to go Subang Parade was for nothing... lmao) Also met some of our friends who were working there...
+ Walked back to SS15, and went to Asia Cafe to have some drinks and chit chat a little (again) While we were there we kinda met some other friends there also...
+ Then we headed to another cyber cafe, this time we went to FTZ for a few hours
+ While most of them (well, all except me) played FIFA09 again, I was minding my own business and played Call Of Duty and Outrun 2006.
+ Later, they joined and played Outrun as well. But somehow I was left out from playing together (there were 7 of us, but the game can only host 6 players =S ) so they played without me, saying that I was "too pro" to play against lol.
*The first race I didn't interfere any of them, cause I was too busy playing mine...
*The second race however, I stopped playing while they were halfway through the map and watch them duke em out. Them when it was about 80% through the map, I helped my friend get first and win the game. Hahahahahaha..... =D
+ When everything was over, paid everything and left our separate ways. Gave a handshake or two and started walking home.
+ Arrived home at about 7 something p.m. and take a bath. Dress up and here I am..... =P

That is pretty much for today, and I do know I could have said out some of your names here but I feel it should be better just to be anonymous. But if you think I'm better off mentioning your name in my posts, I'll gladly do so in the future.... =) So yeah, this is for today, not sure about tomorrow though lol.

Note: Ouch, it seems a little harder to read my post like this than I thought. Damn, wish I could make the bullet point look a bit bigger.... =/

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