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Okay now, finally I got to watch some anime today and I do feel good about myself after watching an anime lol. Yeah, should have been more but I got caught up on so many things such as video games, friends and just about everything else that I wish I didn't waste my time on. Oh what-afking-ever, should talk about Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 yeah?

Well, to be honest I really didn't want to watch this at first and I did download this months ago and it was sitting inside my Hard Drive all the while. Heck, I downloaded and finished watching Queen's Blade after I downloaded this lol. But yeah, finally thought of watching this since it isn't that long (at 11 episodes) compared to the other anime I had on my hard drive. Anyway, lets really start talking about Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and damn, I really didn't expect anything at all coming from this anime.

Why you ask? Well for one the story was just pretty epic in a sense that, unlike what most stories are based on, this is actually based on facts! Facts that in the event of Tokyo ever getting an earthquake with a size of 8.0 on the Richter scale, how would everyone cope with the situation, and how real the situation would be like. All very nice and hypothetically realistic, makes you wonder if 2012 will actually happen, hahaha..... Not that it will happen or anything, but who knows? Maybe it might just happen.....

So the story focuses on 3 main characters, which are Yūki Onozawa, Mirai Onozawa (who are both brother and sister obviously) and Mari Kusakabe who they met when they were going to some robot exhibition at Odaiba when suddenly the whole of Tokyo was hit by an earthquake. After the big earthquake has passed, they all had to stick together in order to get back to their home and many things happened along the way. Only reason why I'm saying this is just for the ending, which is pretty bittersweet if you watched this. Avoid reading it if you do not want to be spoiled (or read it anyhow if your interested).

Okay, pausing on the plot for a moment the other things I want to point out is that this is yet another noitaminA original animation series co-produced by Bones and Kinema Citrus. The other noitaminA I watched was of course Higashi no Eden, and you think they are similar! Of course it would since both anime are based around Tokyo, and does involve building collapses and stuff, haha. But sadly Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 was not as good as Higashi no Eden but still worth the watch none the less. I don't know..... it is good, but definitely not the best there is.

With that said though, I still think this is quite a good anime to watch in general. Sure not everything was perfect but none the less, if you like disaster films and whatnot then this is probably for you. But seriously, I just like it for the storyline and nothing else. The characters weren't that memorable or anything, nor is there any "moe" in it, but yeah that is what I think I guess, haha. I'm so speechless about describing this lol..... and now, the part that I wanted to talk about:

*spoiler starts*
So what is the spoiler then? Well if you watched pass the 8th episode of this anime then you would have probably noticed that Yūki Onozawa was ill and was admitted into the hospital right? And I think most people who watched until that part thinks that Yūki was alive right? But then at episode 10 I was dumbstruck to found out he died. I knew there was something fishy near the end of episode 9 and at the start of episode 10, but wow....... that was really some creative writing there haha. When I did watch episode 11 I kinda felt sorry for Mirai since she lost her only brother, who has always been close to her nearly all her life. It was terribly sad to be honest, there is nothing happy about it at all. Probably shed a lot of manly tears watching that part, and definitely one of the most touching and heartwarming moment in the anime. As I said before, it wasn't really a happy ending as many anime would be, but a bittersweet ending isn't bad either I guess...
*spoiler ends*

which leads me to this. When I finished watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, this song and one of the lyrics just hit my head like a ton of bricks and now I can't help but stop thinking about it!

A ghost of you is all that I have left, is all that I have left of you to hold. I wake in the night to find theres no one there but me, and nothing left of what we were at all...

Just fitting with the ending doesn't it? Someone needs to make an AMV with this anime and this song!!!

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