Posted by : Muzaffar Monday, February 1, 2010

Hahahaha... its kinda funny and unexpected ya know? My parents have never changed their TV in like over 20 years lol. Of course, we did get new TV's for the living room, for our other house as well as for my room (hehe) but wow... never thought my parents would get this new Sharp LCD TV in my entire life!!

I mean, honestly I never thought my parents would get an LCD TV that is relatively new on the market. My dad always said he was gonna buy one, yada yada yada but always been put off by the price, or that I kinda begged him not to buy it just yet and stuff, haha. So yesterday during lunch my father just (randomly at that) suggest that he wanted to buy a new LCD TV later that day. Didn't knew he really mean it!!! So that night we went to Subang Parade and bought the TV after some consideration. But I got to tell you, it wasn't cheap whatsoever... (at RM5699, of course its not!)

But whatever it is, me and my parents can't be any more happier getting a new TV and just in time for the 2010 Fifa World Cup as well, hahahaha...

Another pic of the TV from the side. Probably not the thinnest of LCD TVs but still looks heck of a lot better than my parents old tv lol.

Oh yeah, my recently bought new headphones. Its a Audio-Technica ONTO headphones, gonna replace it with my iPod earphones which doesn't look like it anymore (all the rubber came off and I had to put bandage on the jack) but still usable after all the abuse I put it through, haha. Haven't tried testing it yet but hopefully it will be soon. Not gonna write a review for it though since its a bit "cheap" hahahaha... (bought it for RM30, original was about RM100+) Hopefully though, it will last a bit longer than my SteelSeries Siberia. (had to be exchanged when the left side suddenly stopped working. Luckily it was under warranty...)

Okay, nothing left for me to say other than. ZOMG I'VE GOT A NEW HDTV IN MY PAERNTS ROOM. FULL HD FTMFW...

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  1. ROFL, Sharp is still alive there? I haven't seen one here for years...

  2. Muzaffar says:

    LOL, well I guess haha.

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