Posted by : Muzaffar Saturday, January 30, 2010

...that doesn't mean I still can't write about my 2009 experience! Haha, well I know this has been long overdue, but I guess its finally time to write about the experiences, both happy and sad, sweet and bitter, short and long, uplifting and depressing, yada yada yada, you get the point. So how was 2009 for me in a brief statement? Well, I guess all I can say that it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride for me...

Now I might not talk about everything in 2009 (well, you could always just check my 2009 posts for better details as well as some good reads) but mostly just want to summarize what I have managed to accomplished during 2009, mainly for what I wrote for my "new years resolution" and such.

Starting of with earlier in the year (in 2009 of course) with me getting my drivers license on my first try, I was really really happy that after nearly waiting for my entire life to get to drive a car I finally got the chance to do it in real life! All those times playing video games has paid off aplenty I guess, hahaha. Also probably the biggest news for that year was that I finally took up going to college at The Otomotif College. It was also my dream (albeit, not my biggest goal) to learn a thing or two about cars and becoming a tuner myself and so far I guess its been quite good in a sense that I have really learned a lot about cars then I should really know. Did I ever regret going to college? In a way, I do have to say yes since I don't think learning this would have helped me much and that it cost a whole lot of money (which mind you, cost around RM45k!) just to enter and that I just think I will go nowhere even if I do manage to get my diploma. But that doesn't matter anyhow, since my parents are already fully committed in funding my studies so all I have to do now is just do my best, and hope for the best!

Another thing that I should have pointed out also was back in September my father told me he was getting a car for me. After getting the load processed as well as the road tax, the documents and all that other crap, I finally go the car! A Hyundai i10 (which I still think is a crappy car even to this very day) is what I got (and what I'm currently driving) and so far I guess its an ok car. Yes it sucks that its front wheel drive, it barely makes even 50HP from a 1.1 liter engine and worst of all, the car is still considered "cheap" even if the car cost about RM40+k brand new! The f***? But whatever I guess, I just have to abuse the car (already broke the left hand side mirror lol) until I have enough money to buy and modify my own damn car! So yeah, my goal of becoming a drifter by last year has definitely faded, but that what makes me want to get into drifting even more!! I don't care what people say, I still want to be a professional drifter at all cost!!! Be it in Formula D or D1 Grand Prix, my ultimate goal lies there somewhere (hopefully) in the near future.

This was the least expected thing to happen to me last year, but after almost years of not thinking of buying a next-gen console, I finally broke the silence and got myself an Xbox 360 late last year. Hahahaha, I know I spoiled myself a lot there, and the money could be used on other better things but I was really craving to play video games after looking at videos of Forza 3, Need For Speed: Shift, Bayonetta, Halo 3: ODST and the likes and at that instant I just can't say no now can I? Certainly it was a better move than to buy a PS3, Wii, a gaming laptop (which was way well overbudget anyhow) or even upgrading my current pc (but I did upgrade it from time to time still) to support these new games. But then again some games were made for the Xbox 360 anyhow, so heh, it ain't such a bad thing. Good thing was also the newer version of the 360 doesn't suffer the fatal RROD that earlier models had.

Of course there are other less important things that I would like to talk to regarding what I've done, but I don't think I want to bore many people with my grandfather stories hahahaha. But yeah, that is about it for this post I guess. I'll probably not gonna make a new years resolution for this year, as even if this is only January, too many random things just happened in my life for my brain to really comprehend and the fact that I missed posting it by almost a full month means that I should just forget about it and just let things happen as time pass by. =D

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