Posted by : Muzaffar Friday, February 19, 2010

I hate you. I really really hate you! If it wasn't for you my dear lightning, I would probably not be in despair for over a week of not having no internet at home. Because of you almost my entire life is screwed up as it is right now. So many routines, plans, schedules, and all sort of things that I do online has been completely ruined because of you. If you knew how I would feel right now, you will probably would not even dare to exist in this life ever again...

So lightning, what did I do to deserve this? Was it because of some things that I was just meant not to do? Is it because I was praying for something that was well beyond my capability to handle? Did I piss off someone that this happen to me? If you have an answer, don't bother telling me cause whats already been done has already been done. No need to rub salt into my already deep cut wounds and having to live through this just makes me lose my mind, sanity and the will to live normally like everyone else.

Alright people, enough of this so called lettter/note or whatever you people think I'm writting. If you all didn't already know, my house got strike by lightning one evening on Friday, February 6th 2010. It was just after my practical exam for one of my college subjects, and when I was still at college I saw this big and loud lightning come by. Little did I realize how the lightning strike my phone line, killed my modem and my LAN card on my PC. What that means is that not only I cannot go online, but I cannot even make phone calls using my house phone either!

To make it more ironic, this happened just the day after I got to meet the person that I had always wanted to meet all this while. But I'm not gonna tell that story to anyone, but certainly its not something that I will forget that easily. Not sure if she was the one who wanted this to happen to me or anything, or was it god that was angry at me for being with her that night but I couldn't care less if the lightning strike was a coincidence, a reminder or just sheer bad luck as it has always been for my entire life.

You might wonder what I have been doing for the past few weeks without internet then? Well all I have to say is that my life could not be any more desperate or unfortunate. Had my SIT (Supervised Internship Training) exam at my college, which determines whether I could go for my on-job training or not. For the theory exam I did fail the first time but luckily managed to pass the second time around. Got to say that the exam was probably difficult like anything! Not only do I have to answer 150 objective questions, but the passing mark was 80%! (got 75.66% on the 1st try, 80.67% on the 2nd try) Okay, maybe it is not as hard as some other subjects and such but you got to admit you would say it was tough if you were in my shoes lol.

Anyhow, after I passed my theory exam I had to do my pracitcal exam straight away after that. All in all I managed to do good enough to get a passing mark without repeating any tasks whatsoever so I'm kinda thankful for that. So all I have to do for now I just wait until the SIT briefing before I actually go for my on-job training with some other workshop. Hope that I could learn a lot for working at the workshop as well as getting some sort of allowance or even an income if its possible haha. But yes, its definitely not gonna be something easy or to be joke around with. Once your doing a job you have to be 100% serious about it.

Well other than my college exams I really didn't do much else other than maybe going to a cyber cafe just to go online on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter for a while (yeah, thank goodness for cyber cafes near my place. Otherwise I would have died a long time ago...) and also helping out my family and friends drive around and stuff. Apart from that, I also got my car mirror replaced after a small accident a few weeks ago.

There are also so many things that happened these past few weeks I don't even know if I could post all of them by the end of the month cause I don't even know when I can get my internet working again. I feel like my life starts getting shorter and shorter each time I don't get to go online at home. But I guess this is all a part of life isn't it? Meh...

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