Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yeah, thanks for the memories Junni. Its been fun hanging out with you again today, along with my cousin and some of my other friends at One Utama. Although you were probably was busy with your boyfriend/brother (oppa?) or whatever it is you wanna call him, but at least we still had fun right? Hahaha, I know I sure did, and so does everyone else as far as I'm concerned lol...

So what did we all do today exactly then? After settling with my cousin with his headphones (he just had to buy the exact same one as me, zzz...) and an MP4 player earlier in the day, I decided to bring him along with my friends to meet her at One Utama. When we were there and got to meet each other and did a lot of things (mostly being walking around lmfao!) such as eating at Chili's, played arcade games, watched movies (Up In The Air), and probably some other things that I could not remember hahaha. It was fun, we all had laughed together a lot, share some moments together as well as some other random bs we did.

Its probably gonna be really hard to forget this day, just as much as probably the first time I met you back in February. I don't know if you read my blog or anything (most likely not) but if you do you will surely know how much feelings I have for you. I could not care less if you want to move on, have another boyfriend or whatnot, I will still be here waiting *hopelessly* for you. Will we ever get into a relationship. Will we still be friends until the end of time? God knows whats gonna happen the next time we meet...

Sadly I didn't take any pictures of today much. (I think my cousin only took some photos on my phone) Need to get a new phone soon once (I hope!) my income goes in at the end of the month, or if I get an allowance from my workplace then I could buy myself a Sony Ericsson Aino (or maybe some other smartphones with a good camera) soon enough to take photos with. But not sure when that is gonna be... =(

But of course, I also need to thank you for buying me the Girls' Generation album all the way from Korea lol. Never thought you were gonna buy it, but then you did! Haha, I love you a lot Junni, I love you a lot... =D

Oh, and finally the obligatory music video of the blog title. (I don't care if everyone hates Fall Out Boy. This song just is just so fitting with the post okay?)

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