Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yeah yeah, its not like I have the mood (or time for that matter!) to blog a lot these day so I'll just have to keep it short and sweet from now onwards. Anyway, Mark Webber just drove splendidly from start to finish without making any mistakes and keeping him and his car out of trouble. A good and well deserved win for Webber I guess, and Fernando Alonso gave the home crowd something to cheer about when he finished 2nd after both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton ran into problems late into the race.

Vettel had a brake problems and had to pit for new tires after he went off course and dropped back to 4th place while Hamilton suffered a front right tire puncture which sent his car into the walls on the 3rd corner on the last lap! Haha, both guys were trying really hard to get a good results but fortunately Vettel still manage to nurse his car to the finish and got a well deserved 3rd place. As for the others, I don't really know what to say about that really lol.

Next week will be the crown jewel of Formula 1 as the teams head of to Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix. Probably one the most glamorous races as well as one of the most technical street circuits on the calendar, it will test both cars and drivers to the limits. Its definitely one of my favorite F1 tracks to watch as well! =D

Webber commandingly wins Spanish Grand Prix

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