Posted by : Muzaffar Saturday, August 31, 2013

Actually I think Miku is actually 22, but I guess its been 6 years since she's around I guess? But yeah... she will always be the only waifu I'll ever want. Although I might have more interest in Kaname Madoka (from Madoka Magica) these days, well... I still love Miku even more! (and hey, since I can do polygamy, having more than one waifu doesn't hurt lol) Yeah... a complete contract to my previous blog post, but just think of this as a comic relief post or something. Oh, and also happy independence day Malaysia. Hope I can leave this f*cking country and celebrate some other country's national day instead lol. (like Japan for example)

Oh, and today also marks my sister's 36th birthday. Gonna celebrate with the family later today I guess... *sigh*

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