Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates here, I guess I've been kinda busy this month as I finally started working after over 8 months since I quit my last job! As some might have notice me on Facebook and Twitter, I've been doing a lot better during this month compared to the previous few months before, I could probably say this has been by far the best month for me for 2013 so far! Okay, well not exactly that for sure but its been one of the better months I had this year. Anyhow, I probably won't be rambling much here either since I don't really know what to talk about (well not really know, but its like I totally forgot what to write by the time I was free to write this) but I'll try to write something related to the blog title...

But before I go onto that topic I guess I should probably tell how my October was so far. After months of looking for work at many places, during that first week of October I got a message on Facebook saying that this one company was looking for workers at their workshop, and since I was looking for a job in the automotive industry I didn't even have any second thoughts and tried to apply and see what happens. Funny thing is, I actually knew the workshop and even the owner! (it was a few shops away from my previous workshop that I trained in 2011) But yeah, after having a short talk and discussing regarding the job, I started working the week after. So on the 7th of October I was no longer a NEET and once again I am working. Unlike my 2 other previous jobs this was the one that I already had some previous experience with and its pretty much why I went to college for. Even though I haven't worked on cars for quite a while, but on that week or 2 I pretty much got used to it already. Oh yeah, the name of the place I'm working for is called Kaitenaz Racing and its somewhere in Sunway. Its pretty near my house (although I still have to drive to work, but its only roughly a 5 minute drive from my house) and well, I just feel comfortable working there for some reason. Even if its been 3 years since I last worked around there, and even with many things changing since my training... some things still do indeed stay the same. I don't know why, but I just feel like I belong there for some reason, haha...

Anyhow, I don't wanna jinx this job or anything but hopefully I'll last a bit longer with my current line of work. I seriously need the money and experience, but most of all, I just wanna get my life back together somewhat. Which I guess is now a good time to divert your attention to the title of this blog post. So yeah... why am I "stuck in the mean time" then? Its not exactly a metaphor, however its something which has been bugging me ever since I wrote this blog post here. While writing that I did ponder what my life would be if I just went back in time and decided to do things differently back then. What if some of the things that happen in my life... didn't happen at all? But as much as I like to turn back time, its just not humanly possible... heck, it goes against everything about life itself! However, that doesn't mean you can't do all the things in the present like you did back then. As I'm trying to put back together the missing jigsaw puzzle in my life, I'm also starting back to rediscover myself in a way. The things that would make me happy like it was before and extinguish some of my darker times during the past months and years.

I started riding BMX again a few months ago after some random encounters and that urge to do something which I had promised to do for so long (especially after I got my bike stolen when I was still in secondary school) and now that I also got a job as a mechanic around the Sunway workshops my life is slowly coming back together again and hopefully I can move a bit more into that uncertain future of mine. Yes these two things are an important keys to the missing jigsaw puzzle of my life, but puzzle isn't necessarily completed yet. I still have many lingering questions left to answer, and having to settle some other stuff for this year such as my cosplay, DJing, video games and whatnot. (haha, its tough having so many hobbies...) But yeah... I have rekindled one of my old favorite pastimes, I have a job again which its something close to my heart, and I also lost some weight! (went from 105kg to around 85kg currently within 2 months, how is that for a miracle?) Yeah, even with October coming to and end soon I still am looking forward to the next 2 months before the year is over. Hopefully work won't be too stressful and that I can improve and learn even more than what I can do right now, and I can also get some things done before the end of the year... =)

Aaaaaaand I'm just gonna leave this here to end my blog post. I just can't believe they are coming to Malaysia after all these years. Ever since I heard the news that Mew are coming to KL I didn't even gave any second thoughts and got myself a ticket to their gig. Been a fan of them for so long, and to finally see them is almost like a dream come true. I'm definitely gonna cherish every moment that I get to see them perform live this Halloween... =)

These are essentially 2 songs combined into 1, with one playing in normal while another song is played in reverse. As quoted by Bo (or Silas, can't remember lol) "its like going forwards and backwards at the same time" which precisely sums up my life right now.

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