Posted by : Muzaffar Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey what up people? I know I haven't updated my blog much as before and this is because I'm just having too much fun playing video games lately hahahaha!!! Currently been busy playing Need For Speed: ProStreet after finished playing DiRT 2 about a week ago, and I think I could finish this game by the end of the week if I'm not occupied doing anything else...

Anyway, I really don't have much to say about this month or anything lol. Its just the same old damn routine for me; college, go online, play video games, and just about the usual basic stuff everyone always do (eat, sleep, etc.) Yeah, a little bit boring eh? Doesn't matter though, its not like I have any other life besides this or anything important to do haha. So then, wanna know what new music I listen to now? Erm..... well I still do listen to J-Core quite a lot but I did open up my music vocabulary yet again and now I do enjoy listening to J-Pop, K-Pop, Schranz and more recently listening to House (more specifically, Deadmau5). If you guys want to know more about what music I'm listening to nowadays (or just see how many songs I listen to) you can check out my Last.FM profile at the sidebar here in my blog. =)

Oh yeah, another important thing I need to say is I might be going to Singapore during my 2 week break near the end of the year with my family. Haha, not really sure what else is there to do but go to Orchard Road and just "shop till you drop"! Heh, I'm usually not that much into shopping (since I'm not working and have little to no money at all) but I do want to go to HMV if I could pick up some music CDs that I will just never get it here in Malaysia. Other than that I might just try and see what other stuff I could actually buy with the limited money I have. Other than shopping I really have no idea what else to do. Go to Vivo City? (really haven't been there at all) Or go to Sentosa Island? (heard they opened a Disney theme park or something there) Meh, well that is up to my family to decide but whatever.....

That is about it from me I guess, don't think I have anything else to say as of now. Knowing that this is the holiday season almost everywhere all I can say now is have fun and take care. Just enjoy the winter (or well, monsoon season in my case) or whatever the weather may be and just take it the moment cause before you know it its past New Year and everyone have to get back to their daily routines yet again, be it school, college, work or even hikikomori!

Also, did anyone wondered what the title is about? Well if anyone who follows mainsteam music quite a bit would probably know it was the album title taken from AFI's seventh album, Decemberunderground. I have listen to their songs before, but I just never bother listening to them lol. I have their albums inside my hard drive for the past year and still haven't put it inside my iTunes yet ahahaha. Well maybe I should, they are not quite that bad to listen to be honest.

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