Posted by : Muzaffar Thursday, December 10, 2009

...and today was just that! After getting a message from my college yesterday regarding meeting somebody about something (which I have no idea what it is or who else received the same message)and it also said it was urgent! So earlier today I did ask a few of my classmates regarding the message that we received and found out that only my friends who was taking DMS (Diploma in Motor Sports) that has received the same message. So what is this all about anyway? It was sure quite weird and maybe even random getting a message like this lol...

Anyway, during my break time at college (well actually it was after my practical exam, but whatever) I went to the student center to find out what was this "urgent meeting was all about". So like....... after meeting the person and finished explaining the situation to everyone at the student center and explained some more about the situation in more detail individually, I was quite surprised at what I've just heard with my own two ears. I GOT An EARLY HOLIDAY!!!! Bloody hell, that was so totally out of the blue lol. I mean I knew there was supposed to be another week of class next week before my holiday was supposed to start, but getting the holiday a week earlier was just splendid. Not only do I have a break earlier, but I get to go back to college a little later as well! (which is from 14th December 2009 till 15 January 2010) Seriously, I mean WTF?

Haha yeah, I should be really be overjoyed and ecstatic about that (seriously, who doesn't like holidays?) but I just can't help wonder why it took them so long to actually tell us about this. Well its not really about the holiday that they were telling us about, but rather, our courses (as in the DMS students) got mixed up with the students that are taking the other courses (which is DAT, or Diploma in Automotive Technology) getting mixed up. Mind you, there were more students taking the DAT course than the one that I'm taking and they had to remove the DMS students from the DAT classes because of this. A lot of confusion did go on, with the timetable change earlier this semester from 2 weeks per subjects to 3 weeks, as well as more students to deal with (there were 3 new batch after I joined this year) so I really can't say much about that. Just hope that they could settle everything out by next year, and that we could continue our studies without having all these things to worry about.

With college aside and now that this is the start of my holiday I guess I could get back to my usual routine now haha. Probably have more time to watch anime and play video games and maybe do something else such as hanging out with my friends more often, as well as *maybe* going on a holiday. So yeah, kind of a happy way to end the year and a good way to calm all my uncertainties and doubts regarding my stressed up life. 2010 may be around the corner but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy 2009 any more..... =D

Heh, I was supposed to post this up earlier in the afternoon but my video gaming session got caught up, so much so that I got stressed up about it when my friend called me haha. Just look up at my twitter status if you wondered how stress I was playing NFS ProStreet, (yeah, an old game) trying to beat Ryo Watanabe in the Speed Challenge race. Haha, I did manage to finish the game and now I still have no idea what game to play next. Well whatever game I play will mean that I will be spending less time in front of the computer, which means I'll probably won't chat with people or update my blog much, haha....

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